As a specialist of chemical substances, their action on human health and the environment, as well as of the international regulations that govern chemical risk, EcoMundo is the world reference for these 4 regulations.


As a REACH pioneer since 2007, EcoMundo has become the key specialist in this founding regulation. We assist you in all aspects of the REACH process, from substance Registration to REACH Authorisation documentation, all the way through to the traceability of SVHCs.

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With over 10 years’ experience in providing assistance in CLP and GHS, EcoMundo helps you draft and translate Safety Data Sheets, ensure chemical labelling is in compliance with regulations and extract scientific data from your SDS, eSDS, etc.

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As an expert in international cosmetics regulations (European Cosmetics Regulation No.1223/2009, Cosmetics/OTC Regulations in the US and Canada, etc.), EcoMundo assists you in every step when placing your cosmetic products on the international market.

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As a specialist in Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR), EcoMundo ensures your biocidal products are compliant with existing regulations and prepares your Marketing Authorisation (MA) dossiers at different levels: National MA, EU MA, etc.

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Our SaaS software solution is the result of cooperative design work involving scientific and regulatory experts as well as developers. It has become the turnkey tool for managing all your chemical data.

Its various interconnected modules are able to solve any issue related to your chemicals. These modules can be easily integrated into your Information Systems and adapt to your specific needs.

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