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EcoMundo joined TechShare, a pre-IPO training programme

EcoMundo is proud to announce its participation to TechShare, a Euronext programme, for the 2019/2020 edition. Pre-IPO programme dedicated to tech companies, TechShare grooms over 130 companies to ...

17 Octubre 2019 | NEWS
[Webinar - Autorisation REACH] Trioxyde de Chrome : quelle stratégie pour bénéficier d’un délai d’utilisation supplémentaire au-delà de 2021 ?

[Webinar - REACH Authorisation REACH] Chromium trioxide: what strategy to implement in order to bene...

An Authorisation dossier may take up to 2 years to find an outcome: how to anticipate the 2021 deadline and get an addional period of use?  EcoMundo's experts will give you an overview of the situati...

09 Noviembre 2018 | EVENT
[Webinar] L’Autorisation REACH pour le Pitch, coal tar : enjeux, spécificités et facteurs de succès

[Webinar] REACH Authorisation for Pitch, Coal tar: issues, specificities and keys to success

Pitch, Coal tar is part of the substances that have been recently included to the Annex XIV of REACH. This inclusion has strong impacts on several industrial sectors such as aeronautics. EcoMundo's...

07 Junio 2017 | EVENT
Autorisation REACH – Les Tritons dans les DIV et le secteur pharmaceutique : un webinar à venir prochainement !

REACH Authorisation – Tritons in the IVD and pharmaceutical sector: a webinar coming soon!

Tritons (substance group 4-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenol, ethoxylated) are part of the substances that have been recently included to the Annex XIV of REACH. This inclusion is especially meaning...

06 Abril 2017 | NEWS
Réussir sa demande d'Autorisation avec les nouvelles substances de l'annexe XIV : un webinar à venir prochainement !

How to succeed in your application for Authorisation under REACH with the new Annex XIV substances: ...

The new substances of Annex XIV will impact several sectors in Europe, and notably pharmaceutical and aero/space industries since they are involved in many uses. You wil...

14 Diciembre 2016 | EVENT
EcoMundo animera 3 webinars sur l'Autorisation REACH : avant, pendant & après

EcoMundo will host 3 webinars on REACH Authorisation: before, during & after

With a dozen dossiers submitted to ECHA, covering about 20 uses and 20 legal entities, EcoMundo is a key actor of REACH Authorisation applications in Europe. This expertise is recognized by the Europ...

07 Septiembre 2016 | EVENT
Les entreprises contre l’ajout du HHPA et du MHHPA à l’Annexe XIV

Companies against adding HHPA and MHHPA to Annex XIV

ECHA is considering adding two SVHCs to Annex XIV among the 11 substances from the Candidate list: anhydride acids HHPA and MHHPA. Despite their consequences on human health and the environment, th...

11 Julio 2016 | NEWS

Inaccurate Applications for Authorisation

Due to difficulties met by ECHA and the REACH Committee of the European Commission during the investigation on several authorisation dossiers, Sweden proposed to create a working group in order to ...

17 Agosto 2015 | NEWS
Rencontrez EcoMundo au salon aéronautique du Bourget !

Meet EcoMundo at Le bourget Air show !

From 15 to 21 June 2015, the 51st Air Show will take place at Le Bourget! EcoMundo will attend the event on Wednesday June 17th, Come meet us!

16 Junio 2015 | EVENT