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ECHA adds 4 new substances to the Candidate List

For its January 2020 update, ECHA added 4 new substances to the Candidate List of substances of very high concern for authorisation.

20 Enero 2020 | REGULATORY NEWS

49th amendment of IFRA Standards : what changes

This Friday 10th January 2020, IFRA published the much-anticipated 49th amendments to its standards. EcoMundo sums up the major changes and deadlines brought about by this amendment.

17 Enero 2020 | REGULATORY NEWS

Navigating Over-the-Counter Labelling Requirements in the United States

One of the key aspects to successfully bringing an Over-the-Counter product to the market in the United States is compliant labelling. While many of the labelling requirements mirror those of Cosme...

14 Enero 2020 | EXPERT ADVICE

SCIP, ECHA’s SVHC database

ECHA should release this year a database mapping SVHCs - Substances of Very High Concern - contained in articles on the European market. Suppliers and manufacturers’ requirements will start in Ja...

09 Enero 2020 | REGULATORY NEWS

Scan4Chem, application facilitating consumers’ requests on SVHCs

The LIFE AskREACH Project launched a few weeks ago the app on which its teams had been focused. It is an app enabling consumers to easily invoke their right to request manufacturers if their articl...

11 Diciembre 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
medical devices

Medical devices: will you need to notify them again?

In May 2020, the new European regulation on medical devices will start applying. With this date getting closer, manufacturers of medical devices need to get ready and face the changes to come. What...

04 Diciembre 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
parfums et cosmétiques

Cosmetic compliance: what’s new?

Our experts were at Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress in Chartres on 6th and 7th November. They had the opportunity to attend all the conferences: here is a recap of the key points relating to cosmet...

29 Noviembre 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

Are you ready for new requirements regarding nanoform registration?

Starting on 1st January 2020, companies will need to comply with new requirements regarding nanoforms. This means more information will need to be provided in registrations, are you ready?

25 Noviembre 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

Upstream applications for CrVI: what’s next? EcoMundo clears things up

In the current context, upstream authorisation dossiers for hexavalent chromium are uncertain. To help you understand as best as possible, EcoMundo’s experts share their point of view.

19 Noviembre 2019 | EXPERT ADVICE

Authorisations granted for 3 substances

The European Commission granted authorisations for six uses of three different substances. Here is the explanation.

13 Noviembre 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS