Our Approach

A broad range of regulations

REACH, Biocides, Cosmetics, RoHS, DEEE, Eco-design, Recycling of wastes, etc. : our thematics are diversified and constantly evolving.

Their connection : industrial issues concerning chemical risks management to place their products on the market.

Practical and qualifying training courses

We want you to work as much as possible on cases studies based on teachers' personal experience.

We have noted that acquirement of knowledge and solutions develop faster when using a practical and interactive approach.

Using professional tools

Our teachers help to get familiar with professional tools developed by EcoMundo for industrials, that are used both for illustrating their words and as a practical support to the diversified case studies.

Custom-made training courses

Our thematics and training styles are built with you, and are adapted to trainees. Our training styles :

  • Group training courses
  • Individualtraining courses
  • Distance learning courses