Many regulations (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc.) require the traceability of hazardous substances contained in an article. The SVHC Factory software, combined with the expertise of EcoMundo specialists, provides unrivalled management and monitoring of your compliance to every regulation.



Our database is scaled to manage a very large number of references and suppliers. SVHC Factory is designed so that you can import any type of data in standard computer formats (xls, csv, xml, etc.).
Our software solution is extremely flexible for interfacing with other ERP & PLM IT systems (SAP, Siemens, JD Edwards, Dassault Systèmes, etc.). With EcoHUB, the IS interfacing module, setting parameters and automating data exchanges becomes easy.

EcoMundo has an extensive database of centralised contacts and reference compliance status. Thus, it is very easy to assess the number of your suppliers with whom we already have a preferred relationship, as well as the number of references for which we already have information on regulatory compliance.

  • Diversity of import formats
  • Flexibility for interfacing with Information Systems (IS)
  • Pre-existing supplier contact database


With SVHC Factory, the data can be collected according to various criteria:

  • Type of international regulations/dematerialised data/certificates
  • Desired collection procedure
  • Content of desired answers
  • Number of phoning & email campaigns

The declarations of compliance obtained are assessed by EcoMundo experts. You are therefore guaranteed that the format and content of your suppliers’ replies are reliable.

Phoning campaigns can be carried out by our experts to identify issues encountered by suppliers that have not replied. Thanks to the expertise and pedagogy of our project managers, any supplier issue related to the understanding of their regulatory requirements can be identified and resolved.

  • Standardised and configurable collection process
  • Expertise and pedagogy of EcoMundo experts
  • Reliability of the declarations of compliance collected
  • History of the collection campaigns


Our software platform provides a dedicated “SVHC Dashboard” module which centralises the data collection results. You can monitor in real time the progress of your collection and can check the compliance status of your suppliers and references.

All the data available via this module can be fully exported into an Excel format. The export models tailored to your specific needs can also be configured, including editing your certificates of compliance for your customers.

During the collection, EcoMundo identifies and informs you off all the obsolete suppliers and references that should be removed from your database. We also inform you of changes related to supplier information (supplier contact, name, substitution of a reference by another...). You therefore have a permanent database which is always up-to-date.

  • Monitor the data collection advancement at any time
  • View the full compliance of the nomenclature of a finished product
  • Export your own report into an Excel format
  • Ensure the sustainability of your supplier database