COSMETIC Factory's module dedicated to plant extracts

The challenges

The highly variable composition of plant extracts

Even for extracts from the same plant, the composition varies and is difficult to predict depending on the solvent, the extraction method and the part of the plant used.

How to optimise the plant extracts' assessment?

The sparse bibliographical data does not impede the realisation of a safety assessment for your extracts. The solution: compare and extrapolate the available data for similar plant extracts.

The SeVe module

Plant extract database

The initial development axis of the module will consist in gathering a maximum of data on plant extracts on which we know the toxicological profiles. This data is essential as it is the basis of the Optimisation of the Safety Assessment of plant extracts.

Data organisation and use

This data will be organised within SeVe’s interface to help the safety assessment and to create a summary giving an overview of the information on the plant extract of interest. The software is not a substitute of the assessor’s opinion, but will enable to optimise the assessment and help with the safety conclusion of the extract.

Data extrapolation

The data available on similar plant extracts and their components can be extrapolated depending on the extract for the safety assessment. In order to optimise the comparison with similar plant extracts and their components, extraction similarity and probability scores will automatically be attributed by the tool.