Secure and sustain your activity

Your Challenges

Any industry seeking to sell its products today has to face challenges raised by chemical risk and environmental performance.
The question of innovation is made all the more important by the emergence of new regulations and standards. These are opportunities for companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

Everything is chemistry.

Richard Dawkins

Secure your activity

Protect yourself from inspections and from unexpected events by building a sustainable launching strategy for your products.

Manage your budget

Reduce costs thanks to innovative projects related to ecodesign or the substitution of hazardous substances.

Take advantage

Innovation offers a unique opportunity to stand out. Stay ahead of the competition!

Our assets

EcoMundo is an expert of chemical regulatory compliance AND environmental performance.

From the preliminary diagnosis to innovation management, EcoMundo guides you all through your products' marketing process.

Synergies created between regulatory compliance and ecodesign constitute a unique cocktail of skills on the market.

The combination of our services with our leading-edge software eases your procedures and simplifies your internal processes.

They trust us