The combination of the SaaS software solution, SDS Factory, and the expertise of our teams means you can manage large volumes of SDSs in total safety, from initial collection through to printing simplified SDSs. This ensures that you have a complete, secure database, which also facilitates making the SDSs available.



EcoMundo offers a full range of services for Safety Data Sheet management. With innovative software solutions and expert know-how, we guide you through all the issues related to SDSs and Extended SDSs.



EcoMundo handles the collection of SDSs from your suppliers.
Based on our very wide international experience, we have developed a methodology that ensures successful SDS collection. Management is fully computerised (integration of your supplier’s contact database, collection follow-up, etc.). Thus, the software can easily handle a large number of SDSs and extended SDSs.



To ensure SDS compliance, EcoMundo’s experts complement the work of the SaaS software solution, SDS Factory. They carry out both a regulatory analysis and a danger classification analysis, using the various CLP/GHS references, providing an optimum level of risk management. They carry out a precise check of the compliance situation for the SDSs collected.



Make full use of your own databases using SDS Factory. Set up your custom dashboard and monitor your entire SDS portfolio. If required, you can export all of your data in all the major formats, Word, PDF, Excel, etc.

  • SDS Factory guarantees the solidity of EcoMundo’s methodology and the reliability of the information in your documents. Your data is collected, verified and archived in a complete and sustainable database which is always kept up-to-date.


SDS Factory enables processing all the data contained in an SDS/eSDS.

The software is easily and quickly integrated into different operating systems. EcoHUB, a dedicated data extraction module, enables creating a complete database kept regularly up-to-date. The software ensures archiving and back-ups and guarantees that the SDSs/eSDSs are always compliant thanks to the programmed annual collection.

EcoMundo is also able to extract content from your Safety Data Sheets in order to produce simplified SDSs or workstation risk assessment forms, in the requested format.

The complete data extraction and processing procedure is facilitated by the EcoHUB module (extraction of SDS sections, editing of simplified SDSs, workstation risk assessment forms, labels, etc.). A precious time-saver!

  • By using EcoHUB, the dedicated data extraction module, the user manages and verifies compliance of sections 2 and 3 of the SDSs and Extended SDSs as well as the danger classifications. The software guarantees reliable regulatory and scientific data, simplifying chemical risk management.


Introducing a new chemical product into a company site has many consequences and requires validation by various players in the company in order to be sure of avoiding a regulatory non-compliance.

SDS Factory provides an elaborate workflow system enabling all the various players to play their role in the SDS/Extended SDS validation process in total security:

  • The regulatory affairs manager must validate compliance and prepare for the obsolescence of the product
  • The EHS is required to give its opinion on the impact of the use of the new product on a workstation
  • The customer has to wait for validation before placing an order

The diagram below shows an example of the validation process steps requiring the involvement of 5 separate players.

"work-flow validation"

This rigorous monitoring of the SDS validation circuit is suitable for all types of company structures. It enables a company’s internal systems to be better organised. The workflow engine integrated into SDS Factory provides clear and precise monitoring of SDSs on each company site.

SDS Factory is configurable according to your needs and supports you in:

  • the organisation of the SDS validation circuit (who does what, who validates what, etc.)
  • the definition of the tasks assigned to each player
  • setting the duration of each task
  • anomaly alerts in the validation circuit
  • SDS Factory ensures a validation workflow that enables optimising the company’s internal organisation. The user has both an overall view and complete control over safety management regarding the use of chemical products.


The regulatory databases in our software are continually being updated by our experts. SDS Factory automatically ensures the regulatory compliance of its users’ SDS/eSDS data. All regulatory perimeters (REACH, CLP, etc.) can be taken into account by SDS Factory. The solution adapts to the specific needs of users.

With every regulatory change or amendment, SDS Factory’s customised alert modules inform the user of any compliance modification affecting his/her products and SDSs/eSDSs.

  • Automatic email alerts regarding products/substances impacted by any regulatory update.