The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is the mandatory regulatory document required for providing information about the risk related to your chemical products. SDS Factory is a software solution enabling you to create, translate and distribute your SDS in just a few clicks.



Depending on your resources, outsource all or part of the creation and translation of your SDS to EcoMundo experts.

Step 1: Composition of your mixture

You provide us with an Excel file containing the composition of your mixture, and with any SDS you may have for the substances contained in your mixture.

Step 2: CLP/GHS classification

Drawing on our substance database developed in-house, our expert toxicologists verify the substance classification and identify the classification of your mixture, taking local regulations into account.

Step 3: Issue of the 16 sections of the SDS

Based on the identified CLP/GHS classification which establishes the hazards and the hazard statements for the mixture, EcoMundo completes the 16 sections of the SDS in compliance with the requirements of the regulations in force.

Step 4: Multilingual translation

Using artificial intelligence translation technology designed by our developers, your SDS are translated quickly, while at the same time guaranteeing their quality and the compliance of the regulatory vocabulary in all the languages.

Bonus : flexibility and availability



Thanks to our SDS Factory© software, you can create an SDS in compliance with your chosen regulation in less than 5 minutes.

If the regulations evolve, SDS Factory© enables you to update your SDS in just a few clicks. This guarantees the compliance of your entire portfolio in the long term and throughout the various continents.

Step 1: Automated import of your compositions

Import your compositions into a pre-configured Excel file, which is compatible with your formulation software, to automatically create the products, raw materials and associated substances.

Step 2: Automatic calculation of the CLP/GHS classification

Calculate the classification of your mixtures with SDS Factory© calculation engine. The latter draws on a database containing over 300 000 substances. You can choose to use the harmonised classifications available in our tool or to integrate your suppliers' classifications.

Step 3: SDS creation

Based on the risk and hazard statements resulting from the mixture's CLP/GHS classification, SDS Factory© automatically completes the 16 sections of the SDS which is therefore immediately compliant with the selected regulation and ready for issuing.

Then simply download your SDS in Word or PDF format.
With SDS Factory©, you can also issue simplified Safety Data Sheets and job descriptions.

Step 4: Label creation

Create your labels in one click using your products' compositions and classifications.

  • International regulations: SDS Factory© enables you to issue your SDS in European (CLP) and International (GHS) formats, to obtain a compliant SDS, worldwide.
  • Regulatory monitoring: EcoMundo keeps its software updated with all the latest information from international regulations on chemical substances. With SDS Factory©, the SDSs that you issue and maintain are always compliant.


With our SDS Factory© software, you can translate your SDS into over 30 languages in a single click.

Based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the SDS Factory© translation algorithm ensures that your SDSs are accurately translated. It also draws on an official database of standard regulatory statements (EuPhrac).

  • International: SDS Factory handles over 30 languages
  • Archiving: all your translated SDSs are listed with their version dates on your dashboard


SDS Factory enables you to easily distribute your SDSs, simplified SDSs and workstation risk assessment forms both in-house and to your customers.

In-house distribution

All SDSs issued in the creation module are made available in the diffusion module. Therefore, you can make the various SDS that you have created available for your teams (Purchasing, HSE, etc.).

Distribution to clients

You have several options for sending your SDSs to your clients:

• Email via SDS Factory: from the dashboard, you can view, download and send your SDS to your clients, who will receive them in their email inbox.

• Dedicated secure portal: your customers can access a secure portal (ID and password) where they can view all of your SDSs. This portal can be made accessible directly from your website.

Bonus: safe and easy access to your SDS