EcoMundo supports you in the control of your compliance in France and abroad. Our software solution, SAFE Factory, assists you in assessing the environmental risks related to your facilities and gives you a global view of your site's compliance needs.



Identification and simulation of the ICPE and SEVESO thresholds

Using your product dangers and the quantities stored on your sites, SAFE Factory provides your ICPE and SEVESO status automatically and in real-life conditions. The corresponding 4000 rubric nomenclature is also fully integrated. Thus you have a product database where you can find all the information required to calculate the status and the regime which govern each of your products.

When the results are available, the software displays immediately whether the SEVESO status is a result of direct overrun or a cumulation rule.

For each product, you can monitor the appropriate 4000 rubric and thus know what thresholds to be aware of.

A simulation interface enables you to know which potential thresholds are likely to be reached for existing or new products (quantity increases, classification changes, physical and chemical properties, etc.). Thus, even before ordering the product, you may select the most appropriate storage location to minimise the chemical risk related to the storage of such products.

  • Summary table by site and by product for the selected site enabling you to see at a glance all the results for:
    • the quantities considered,
    • the rubrics concerned,
    • the Seveso and ICPE regime thresholds and whether they have been reached or not.
  • Automatic alerts to simplify tracking thresholds and thereby facilitating storage management

Communication of a compliance monitoring report with a regulatory summary

EcoMundo carries out a daily, international regulatory search which highlights the information for optimum control of the environmental risk. A thorough and detailed analysis of your product portfolio and your facilities is carried out in order to give you, in real time, any changes in regulations and their effect on your compliance. You receive all alerts concerning environmental management of your installations and of your products, wherever in the world they may be stored and handled.

  • International monitoring: more than 90 regulations handled
  • Automatic and personalised reports

Non-compliance analyses (40 CFR Part 68, CEPA, CEPA, etc.)

Through its compliance audits, EcoMundo provides an analysis of the regulatory non-compliances which concern your activity:

  • Identification and reporting of any blocking elements
  • Advice and recommendations for practical solutions to be implemented in your facilities

EcoMundo’s personalised analyses suggest international compliance solutions that adapt to your regulatory scope.