Traceability of substances

Manage all high concern substances in your articles
(SVHC, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc.)

Check for the presence of controlled substances in your articles

EcoMundo contacts your suppliers to verify the potential presence of SVHC or other controlled substances (RoHS, Conflict Minerals, customisable blacklists ...) in your products.

Therefore, we provide your suppliers with an IT tool which will enable them to identify the concerned references and directly carry out the online validation.

Creates your notification dossier

As a manufacturer or importer of article(s) containing SVHCs, you may be required to notify your SVHC to ECHA.

EcoMundo creates your notification dossier in the IUCLID format and submits it to ECHA via REACH-IT.

Get declarations from your suppliers

We have built an expert tracking device for materials and articles that may contain SVHCs. We can assist you in testing some of the provided materials and articles.

The software SVHC Factory is the outcome of years of experience on information transmission issues along the supply chain. Powerful and easy to use, it enables you to monitor in real time the information-gathering process.

Remove hazardous substances from your production process

To avoid and properly replace hazardous substances, EcoMundo offers a monitoring and anticipating service on these developments for substances that will be added (list of SVHC, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc).

If requested we can add lists of controlled substances to monitor.

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