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As a downstream user, REACH requires that you have the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) of chemicals products and that you check their compliance. In case of non-compliance, you must request an updated MSDS to your supplier.

We offer a three-step method:

Collection initiation

EcoMundo integrates the suppliers / manufacturers contacts into the database associated with the reference of the chemical product purchased.

Sorting MSDS

The first collection step is to sort MSDSs according to their version dates:

  • Inventory of existing MSDS
  • Sorting MSDSs by version dates: a MSDS with a version date before 2010 is likely to be non-compliant with the CLP regulation as this one was only enforced from the 1st December 2010.

Writing applications for new MSDS

To optimize the responsiveness of suppliers and the collection rate, we highlight:

  • REACH obligations
  • Penalties incurred

Reminders are conducted by phone if necessary to discuss about the non-compliance points found by EcoMundo

EcoMundo is in charge of the outsourced compliance management of your MSDS.

Product classification according to CLP Regulation

EcoMundo supports you in the development and / or control of your product's classification in accordance with CLP Regulation.

  • EcoMundo provides an automatic calculation engine for CLP classification via SDS Factory software
  • The mixture classification criteria allows you to ensure the validity of Section 2 of your SDS.

Format control

EcoMundo verify the MSDS format (2010 or 2010-I-II) and the compliance of its 16 required sections:

  • Section 1: Identification of the substances/mixture and of the company
  • Section 2 & 3: Hazard identification & composition and information on ingredients
  • Sections 4 to 8: Hazard management based on the information provided by the company and the CLP classification
  • Sections 9 to 12: Inclusion of all the necessary and available endpoints
  • Sections 13 to 16: Ecological information (2008/98/EC); Disposal consideration (2008/68/EC), Regulatory information and all additional information

Control of mixture components

EcoMundo analyses the composition of each substances of your products and calculates the new concentration (diluted) of each substances in the composition of your mixtures.

Compliance report

If requested EcoMundo provides you a compliance report for your MSDS section by section.

Entering your MSDSs in the database

You formulate chemical products and you need to enter your own MSDS?

Thanks to the SDS Factory software, you can enter your MSDS in the database and generate related documents (CLP labels, simplified SDS ...)

To save time, outsource your input and retrieve your documents directly in the format you wish (PDF or editable format).

Translation in all the European languages

You provide your products to European customers? You are also required to provide a MSDS in the language of the targeted country.

EcoMundo offers MSDS expert translation service in 26 European languages, including russian, ukrainian and icelandic. We take into account the regulatory specificities of target country when translating, managed via our SDS Factory tool.

MSDS translation is performed with a catalogue of standard phrases that include some of the European standard phrases EuPhrac.

Facilitated communication of MSDSs

EcoMundo puts the MSDS module from SDS Factory Software Distribution at your disposal to facilitate storage, archiving and internet or external streaming of your SDS.

  • storage and archiving of MSDS in PDF format
  • MSDS email sending to an internal or external recipient of your organisation
  • allocation of MSDS per site according to your company's organisational chart
  • downloading and printing MSDSs

Automated management of your MSDS portfolio

EcoMundo offers a Material Safety Data Sheet management tool: SDS Factory

Host all your documents on the web platform SDS Factory or on your own servers and make them available to all actors concerned 24 / 7.

Personalise the platform with your company’s organisational chart to enable a simple and optimal management of your Material Safety Data Sheet portfolio.

Extracting documents from the MSDS that was entered

From FDS entered into the database in the SDS Factory tool, EcoMundo publishes and offers :

  • simplified MSDSs
  • workstation descriptive sheets
  • CLP labels

What are the REACH requirements for e-SDS?

REACH registration required for any hazardous substances which exceeds 10 tonnes/year to create a Chemical Safety Report (CSR)

The Exposure Scenarios of this report should be incorporated into the Annex of the Safety Data sheet to cover the uses of downstream users. It becomes an extended Safety Data Sheet, or e-MSDS

Users then have the obligation to respect the Operational Conditions (OC) and Risk Management Measures (RMM) prescribed in these exposure scenarios.

As a downstream user, you must request a review of the extended SDS from your supplier or carry out yourself a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) if your find that some of your uses are not covered

For manufacturers/importers of substance: creating the e-SDS

EcoMundo takes over for you to integrate the exposure Scenarios to your SDS assuming of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR).

Downstream users: compliance with Exposure Scenarios

Upon receiving an extended SDS, you have 12 months to check that all your uses are covered by the Trade Scenarions, and for you to comply with the described operating conditions and risk management measures.

EcoMundo accompanies you in:

  • Sorting your e-FDS
  • The analysis of your usage and if necessary via an on-site diagnosis
  • Control of your usage compared to the exposure Scenarios received coverage (OC compliance/ RMM compliance)
  • Writing a pitch for inspection, also knwon as compliance report
  • Alignment with the directive risk chemical (there is a strong link between the information available in the Unique Risk Assessment Document and data relevant to the compliance of the e-MSDS)
  • The organization and management of your e-SDS

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