REACH registration

Get ready for the REACH 2018 registration deadline

You need ...

A cost assessment before making any registration decision?

A trustworthy Only Representative?

Advice on REACH Registration 2018?

To find a Letter of Access (LoA)?

Assistance in taking the role of Lead Registrant?

A member dossier in IUCLID format?

Find out more about EcoMundo's registration service :

  • We help manufacturers comply with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006, including non-EU manufacturers
  • We are experts of the REACH Registration process
  • We provide Only Representative (OR) services
  • We represent your interests within the SIEF and/or consortium
  • We negotiate on your behalf and purchase the Letter of Access (LoA) from the Lead Registrant (LR) or consortium

  • We draft your member dossier in IUCLID format
  • We facilitate data exchange amongst registrants
  • We submit your dossier to ECHA and follow-up on the progress until full completion
  • We deliver a final certificate for REACH compliance
  • We provide a regulatory watch when needed

As experts in European Chemical Regulations, we can help you register successfully. As SIEF manager, we handle the registration dossier from A to Z, organize cost sharing and take care of the SIEF continuity until 2018.

Together, let’s identify the substances in your portfolio that need registering. Let’s make the best choices for your business according to the tonnage band but also according to your distribution strategy, so that you remain competitive.

REACH 2018 is just around the corner! Let’s start your compliance journey today!

Do you have an orphan substance?

EcoMundo created the Lead Across Platform for the various substance families that end up being on their own, i.e. they are not covered by any consortium. This platform helps companies draft their REACH registration dossiers for lead compounds not included in any other consortium.

  • Lead Across Platform for registration of some Lead compounds
  • Nickel Across Platform for registration of some Nickel compounds
  • Paraffin Across Platform for registration of some Paraffin compounds

REACH Registration can be expensive. ECHA fees can be found on their website and vary according to your company size. Substance registration costs may depend on LoA costs, available data and consortium size. Find a price range and the complete ECHA guidance for small and medium-sized companies by clicking here

The REACH Regulation 1907/2006 has defined an exhaustive list of REACH exemptions. If you are exempted from REACH, you need to check if no other regulation can be applied to your activities.

You are exempted by Article 2 of the REACH Regulation 1907/2006 if your substance is:

  • Radioactive
  • A polymer
  • Covered by national exemptions in the interest of defense
  • Covered by Annex V of REACH
  • Included in Annex IV of REACH

Are you located outside the EU? We can assist you with your REACH compliance. Even as a non-EU manufacturer, you may need to comply with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006. Planning the best strategy for your company and helping you increase your business in Europe and potentially enter new markets is what we do. Don't wait until the last minute, start your compliance process today and reassure your European Clients.

Established in the EU and recognised as a REACH expert, EcoMundo :

  • fulfill your REACH pre-registration and registration obligations so that you can maintain your existing businesses
  • ensure your business continuity by informing you of the latest industry news so that you can enter potential markets

As an OR, we take on all your legal responsibilities and obligations. If you have other importers of the substance, they become downstream users according to the REACH Regulation.

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