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An Authorisation or defense Exemption diagnosis?

An individually drafted Authorisation dossier?

An Authorisation dossier drafted with other parties?

To comply with the Authorisation conditions?

EcoMundo offers you complete support, throughout your whole project, including before the Community authorities or, in the case of defense exemption dossiers, before national authorities.

After nearly a dozen dossiers submitted to ECHA, EcoMundo has accumulated a huge know-how in Authorisation dossier production, whether the application is individual, joint, within a consortium or through an Only Representative.

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Did you know that you can anticipate which substances may be banned or restricted thanks to your substances portfolio?

Once these substances are identified, you can introduce an action plan in order to avoid any prohibitions or restrictions.

For more information, check out our Substances securing page.

Diagnosing the feasibility and usefulness of the approach before deciding

Having all the necessary elements for the decision in a strategic document

  • Analysing your situation concerning REACH Authorisation
  • Recommendation "go/no go" about Authorisation
  • The best strategic route for the Authorisation application
  • Assessing the necessary means

Applying for an Authorisation for your use

Defending an authorisation application before the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA)

Key points of Authorisation for EcoMundo:

  • Facilitating interaction between different technical fields and with partners through the use of dedicated tools and methodologies
  • Protecting the confidentiality of your information (sensitive data)

Optimising costs and resources with several parties to produce an Authorisation dossier

  • Creating or joining a consortium in order to produce an Authorisation dossier common to several parties
  • Optimising costs and resources using the synergy between the consortium members
  • Protecting the data confidentiality of each consortium member
  • Relying on consortium management expertise

  • Diagnosing your compliance with operational conditions and risks management measures on an Authorisation dossier for national Authority controls
  • This compliance is mostly valid for those concerned by a dossier covering their entire supply chain
  • Proposing compliance measures

  • Analysing your situation and the possible applicability of the defense exemption and any other exemption (e.g. intermediate substances)
  • Drafting one or two defense exemption sub-dossiers : « risk management » and « defense interest »
  • Defending a defense exemption dossier adapted to your situation and to the national defense interest

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