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Evaluate costs and time before marketing?

Be advised on the best authorisation strategy?

Build and submit your authorisation dossier?

An inclusion in the approved suppliers list?

An assistance to get a letter of access?

Promote your interests to SIEF and consortiums, or authorities?

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EcoMundo helps you answer the following questions :

  • What is your Active Substance’s status ? Who are your suppliers ?
  • Which markets are targeted ?
  • Which product types are concerned ?
  • Can we establish product families ?
  • Do your substances meet the substitution/exclusion/ low-risk criteria ?
  • Is this biocidal product already authorised ?
  • Are there task forces for this substance ?

EcoMundo offers to assess your current situation regarding your obligations and give you the most adapted strategies for your products and markets, while minimising the costs.

EcoMundo guides you from your dossier’s creation to its submission :

  • Determining the size of your business and validating it with ECHA, to justify your right to a discount, if you are an SME.
  • Completing the tox and ecotox data gap that must be provided (read-across strategy, QSAR, etc.)
  • Participating in laying down the scientific arguments.
  • Helping with relevant data collection: analytics, efficiency, toxicology, ecotoxicology, residue analysis, etc.
  • Completing the IUCLID 5.5 dossier and generating it.
  • Submitting the dossier via R4BP.

EcoMundo will be your contact and defend your interests :

  • before ECHA and the BPC (Biocidal Product Committee)
  • within task forces
  • before data owners to negotiate LoA costs
  • before the evaluating Member State to confirm the authorisation of the submission and manage the exchanges in case additional information is requested

EcoMundo also offers to represent you throughout your dossier’s preparation and submission to ensure the confidentiality of your personal identity. This anonymity enables simplified exchanges and successful negotiations every time.


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