Using EcoMundo’s SAFE Factory, you can assess your chemical risks and create the necessary elements for assessing the full gamut of your professional risk exposure.


Identify and prioritise the dangers associated with your substances

To have optimum control over the inherent risks associated with storing chemical substances in a specific place, it is absolutely essential to have a very precise understanding of the potential dangers.

SAFE Factory simplifies taking an inventory of risks and enables identifying specific dangers and categorising them. You simply import an Excel file containing your complete portfolio of chemical products into the software (alternatively you can use our solution - SDS Factory).


Assessing chemical and other occupational hazards

The risk assessment procedure ensures risk control by cross-referencing data on the probability of an incident occurring with its frequency and severity level.

For example, in the context of chemical risk assessment, and based on the conditions of use of the products and their classification, SAFE Factory's calculation engines automatically determine hazard scores.

Furthermore, for all other occupational risks, the software offers risk forms that allow you to quickly identify a set of occupational risks. SAFE Factory adapts to international regulatory contexts and different risk assessment methodologies (e.g. additional factors and characteristics for calculating scores).

Bonus :
  • - Visualisation interface to track trends in the risk scores enabling managing for continuous improvement
  • - Hierarchical assessment of multi-level risks: in a group of sites, in one particular site, on a specific production line, etc.
  • - More than 50 families of risk integrated in the software

Establish and monitor a risk control action plan

To control risks, action plans must be put in place that are adapted to the types of hazards and levels of risks identified. There are multiple means of control and they must comply with the principles of prevention of the regulations concerned. These obligations must be met by technical, operational, human and behavioural means such as:

  • Provide individual and collective protective equipment
  • Develop working methods
  • Replace the dangerous substance or product with another
  • Prevention planning
  • etc.

SAFE Factory helps drawing up formal action plans to be implemented for each identified specific risk, and thus enables precise monitoring of its development over the long-term.

Bonus :
  • - An action plan report display: due dates, required actions, responsible person, etc.
  • - Validation workflow and follow-up indicators