Substances securing

What if you could turn chemical regulation into an asset for innovation?

Understanding substances securing

Chemical substances are at the heart of the industry. Depending on their danger level for human health and environment, their use can be restricted or even forbidden in accordance with the regulatory developments.

In order to anticipate these issues and secure the industrial activity over time, EcoMundo conducts prospective studies that enable to characterize the regulatory risk associated to your substances portfolio.

Beyond the regulatory compliance, this analysis consists in a gamechanging decision making to design your industrial and innovation strategy.

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NB: The securing of your substances can be led on an existing portfolio of substances/ materials or on substances and/or materials still in R&D to avoid developing new processes which could involve substances presenting short or long-term regulatory risks.

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The securing of your industrial substances can start out from a portfolio of substances already identified, or from your materials.

In the second case, it is necessary to break down your different materials to the substance level, whether they are already used in your production line, or whether they represent a potential alternative of material considered in R&D. The different additives that can also appear in the material’s industrial manufacturing process (ex: paint stripper, lubricant, etc.) are also taken into account.

EcoMundo’s experts are responsible for analyzing the list of substances composing your different materials from your material data, internal data and bibliographical research if necessary.

Once the substances identified, it is necessary to identify their hazardousness level for human health and the environment to deduce the risk-level of their use being restricted or banned by future regulations.

Our toxicological experts will conduct a study on the entire portfolio of identified substances from step 1, or on a list of critical substances for your business, so as to identify the most hazardous substances.

This step enables you to identify which substances are at risk and prioritize them.

For the whole substances portfolio (identified in step 1 or from a list of your substances), EcoMundo’s regulatory experts can:

  • Determine the regulatory status of your substances (are they already included in a regulatory list like the Candidate list, the Corap list, the PACT, the SIN List, Annex XIV, the Intent Registry, etc.)?
  • Assess the regulatory risk evolution for these products, and inform you as soon as possible to anticipate solutions (technical or administrative).
  • Monitor your substances portfolio for these processes, starting from the PACT stage (Public Activites Coordination Tool)
  • Estimate the potential inclusion horizon for these substances in a restrictive regulatory list (for example: “the x substance has a high inclusion risk in the Candidate List for short, medium or long-term”)

In order to help you build your strategy on potential SVHC substances which may enter restrictive regulatory lists, EcoMundo’s experts offer, from the regulatory analysis’ conclusion, an appropriate action plan for every Priority Substances.

Software assisted regulatory follow-up

In addition to the expert analyses prior to the potential R&D processes deployment, EcoMundo offers you a range of regulatory watch and follow-up services for your substances and/or products.

This is based on expert substance knowledge skills (toxicological, regulatory, etc.), coupled with software tools. This guidance enables you to:

  • Make the regulatory watch, which is often complex, comprehensible to your company thanks to the MAT Factory software
  • Know the current potential regulatory status amendments of the followed substances
  • Be aware of the potential regulatory future for these substances and the related deadlines
  • Anticipate the eventual status amendments in order to set a preliminary internal strategic reflection on the solutions to implement (technical or administrative).

The deployment of services and tools to implement this substance follow-up can be adjusted and tailored according to the needs of the company, and especially according to the criticality of these substances for industrial processes.

Participating in public consultations

Did you know several steps exist before including a SVHC substance into Annex XIV during which you can make you voice heard ?

In cases in which your substances would have already been concerned with regulations (Candidate List), we can offer you support in considering the different actions to implement (lobbying) to try to block, slow down or switch your substance to another regulatory track.

EcoMundo can:

  • Participate in the consulting phases to defend your economic interests very early in the procedure (candidate list, Annex XIV, etc.)
  • Anticipate the data collected which will be necessary
  • Develop arguments on the dangers, the scoring (prioritization score of the substance attributed by ECHA), your own uses or even the economic impacts and make your voice directly heard by the competent authorities



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