The countries in the Middle East are not yet regulated on a uniform basis. Each sovereign country requires specific procedures and has its own constraints. EcoMundo will assist you in ensuring the compliance of your products in all these countries.



  • 1. Regulatory analysis
    of formulas

    Regulatory analysis of your formulas

    EcoMundo checks the composition of each of your products according to the regulatory requirements of the country of destination.

  • 2. Label compliance

    Label compliance according to specific local factors

    Our experts verify the mandatory statements on your product labels, ensuring that they are adapted to the requirements of the country of destination. They also analyse the compliance of claims according to local demands.

  • 3. Creation of the
    cosmetic dossier

    Completing the cosmetic file including the safety assessment

    EcoMundo completes or updates the Product Information File (PIF) of all your cosmetic products in compliance with local obligations.

  • 4. CFS application and

    CFS application and registration of your products

    EcoMundo accompanies you from A to Z and carries out all the necessary registration procedures with local authorities to export your cosmetic products.