EcoMundo will assist you in your export projects to ASEAN countries. We bring your products into compliance according to the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive (ACD) and ensure their marketability in these 10 South-East Asian countries.



  • 1. Regulatory analysis
    of formulas

    Regulatory analysis of your formulas

    EcoMundo checks the composition of each product in relation to the annexes of the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive, which list the prohibited, restricted and temporarily authorised substances.

  • 2. Label compliance

    Compliance of your labels

    Our experts verify the mandatory statements on your products, ensuring that they are adapted to the specific requirements of the country of destination. They also analyse the compliance of claims according to the demands of Annex III of the ACD in order to guarantee the compliance of your labels.

  • 3. Product Information

    Completing the PIF including the safety assessment

    EcoMundo completes or updates the Product Information File (PIF) for all of your cosmetic products in compliance with the guidelines of the ASEAN Cosmetic Committee (ACC).

  • 4. Notification of

    Notification of products in all Member States

    EcoMundo notifies your products in all ASEAN Member States.