With a dozen dossiers submitted to ECHA, covering about 20 uses and 20 legal entities, EcoMundo is a key actor of REACH Authorisation applications in Europe. This expertise is recognized by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA): all the dossiers submitted since 2015 have been granted the requested review periods, including those with 12-year durations.

EcoMundo animera 3 webinars sur l'Autorisation REACH : avant, pendant & après

This series of 3 complementary webinars will enable you to discover how to:

  • Anticipate and possibly avoid an Authorisation application by understanding regulatory mechanisms for substances
  • Creating your Authorisation application, by relying on feedback from EcoMundo's experts
  • Ensuring the compliance of your activity in accordance with the conditions of Authorisation once it is granted

These free webinars of 45 minutes each (30 min of presentation + 15 min of questions) will be held at 11am (Paris time, UTC +2) in French and in English during the first three weeks of October:

#1. The keys to a successful application for Authorisation under REACH

Thursday 6 October 2016 from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM (Paris time, UTC +2)

The first webinar of the “substances” seminar from EcoMundo focuses on the REACH application for Authorisation process, and aims at sharing the methodology used by EcoMundo’s experts to produce and support an application for Authorisation dossier.

This methodology, elaborated in collaboration with EcoMundo’s industrial partners, aims to produce a dossier in accordance with the requirements of the Expert Comittees, all the while optimising resources for the company’s collaborators.

You will find out about:

  • A reminder of the principles of the REACH Authorisation process, illustrated by concrete examples.
  • The methodology used by EcoMundo’s experts for the constitution of an application for Authorisation
  • The feedback and real life experience on the process, as well as the key elements to succeed in your application for REACH Authorisation
Rémi Escola

The conference will be held by Rémi Escola, REACH Authorisation and substance securing consultant. Engineer, Rémi graduated from Mines ParisTech. He has 6 years of experience in helping industrial companies with their environmental approaches. At EcoMundo, Rémi is more specifically in charge of the Analysis of Alternatives of REACH Authorisation dossiers.

#2. How to anticipate regulatory risks related to your chemical substances portfolio?

Thursday 13 October 2016 from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM (Paris time, UTC +2)

The second webinar of the “substances” seminar of EcoMundo aims to give you all the keys to anticipate the regulatory risks associated with your use of chemical substances and thus be able to take the relevant decisions to secure your industrial uses. This analysis, for instance, may lead to avoid an application for REACH Authorisation.

It is aimed at large industrial groups, SMIs and SMEs using chemical substances who wish to have a clear understanding of the regulatory mechanisms leading to the “prioritisation” of substances and their regulation in Europe.

You will find out:

  • How regulatory mechanisms of chemical substance prioritisation are implemented at the European scale
  • How to characterize the regulatory risk related to your own substances portfolio and integrate it to your industrial and innovation strategy
  • How to anticipate regulatory evolutions and thus secure your industrial activity
Lucie Echaniz

The conference will be hosted by Lucie Echaniz. Graduate from Sciences Po, with Honours in international economy and a master in environmental engineering, Lucie has 6 years of experience in developping and implementing environmental strategies. At EcoMundo, Lucie is in charge of the Socio-Economic Analysis of Authorisation dossiers.

#3. How to ensure your business is compliant with the REACH Authorisation requirements?

Thursday 20 October 2016 from 11:00 AM to 11:45 AM (Paris time, UTC +2)

The third webinar of the “substances” seminar of EcoMundo extends the knowledge acquired during the first two seminars (on the constitution of an application for Authorisation under REACH and the regulatory securing of substances) to focus on the compliance of your business with the Authorisation requirements, once it has been granted.

It is aimed particularly at the industrial and HSE managers whose company uses a substance covered by a REACH Authorisation, or who consider submitting an application for Authorisation.

You will find out about:

  • The contents of a REACH Authorisation dossier, and notably operational conditions and risk management measures
  • The focus points and the primary elements of justification in order to anticipate at best a control by the National Competent Authorities.
Stéphane Pierre

The conference will be hosted by Stéphane Pierre and Guillaume Deledalle, toxicologists. Stéphane Pierre is Doctor of Pharmacy and also holds a PhD. He has 8 years of experience in toxicological matters. At EcoMundo, Stéphane is in charge of the toxicological aspects of the Authorisation applications.

Guillaume Deledalle

Doctor of Pharmacy, Guillaume Deledalle has 5 years of experience in toxicology relating to chemical regulations. At EcoMundo, Guillaume is in charge of the toxicological aspects of the Authorisation applications..

Authorisation and Substance Securing Services

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