On Tuesday 12th December, EcoMundo signed the #StOpE charter, a French initiative against ordinary sexism in companies. Through this, we hope to reinforce the implementation of values that have always been present at EcoMundo, that is equality and the respect of all.

Stop sexisme


#StOpE is an initiative launched in December 2018 aiming at fighting ordinary sexism in the workplace. The initiating companies, L’Oréal, Accor and EY, wished to put an end to delegitimising attitudes towards women, sometimes leading them to censor themselves. The idea was to work together to truly promote good practices in relation with the fight against sexism.

There are 8 initiatives:

  • 1. Display and apply a zero tolerance principle
  • 2. Inform to raise awareness of sexist behaviours (acts, remarks, attitudes) and their impact
  • 3. Train selectively on requirements and good practices against ordinary sexism
  • 4. Circulate educational tools to employees in order to handle sexist actions in the company
  • 5. Encourage all the employees to prevent and identify sexist behaviours and to react to ordinary sexism
  • 6. Prevent sexist situations and accompany in a personalised way the victims, witnesses and decision-makers in the reporting and treatment of sexist actions
  • 7. Sanction reprehensible behaviours and communicate on associated sanctions
  • 8. Measure and implement monitoring indicators to adapt the anti-sexism policy

Pierre Garçon - EcoMundo's CEO - 12th December 2019 when signing the #StOpE charter.

EcoMundo and gender equality

EcoMundo has always been committed not only to a parity objective (which has been achieved in our company), but also to fight against all kinds of discriminations.

EcoMundo is committed to diversity, we have always aimed at encouraging respect towards everyone. Signing this charter marks our desire to continue to invest in gender equality. We look forward to attending the workshops that will now be held each quarter!

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