Essential tool to create, translate, and manage your safety data sheets, today SDS Factory moves up a gear! Direct result of the relentless collaboration with the users of version 1, SDS Factory v2 brings long-awaited new features as well as a few surprises…

Sortie officielle de SDS Factory version 2 !

A new version to better meet your needs

It has been a year since the work on SDS Factory v2 started. Following the success of the first version, adopted by renowned players of the industry, the management and dissemination of safety data sheets evolved.

This paved the way to new needs that we carefully collected from our clients within the expert service we provide with all our software solutions. Some of our clients and partners accepted to beta-test SDS Factory v2, enabling us to address the current issues of SDS management.

The result? A back-end architecture entirely redesigned, an approach by module which enables to personalize the application according to client needs and new translation and entry features set to become standards. All this, presented on a user-friendly and simplified interface with improved performances.

What’s new in SDS Factory v2?

User-friendly interface

  • Systematic re-use of the company’s data (logo, address, etc.) to save time when entering each SDS
  • New reorganized interface, which highlights the automatic suggestions of the software
  • Easier navigation between the different parts of the software (editing interface, SDS catalog, validated SDSs, reporting)
  • Easier access to the 16 sections of the Safety Data Sheet


  • You don’t need to create one SDS per language: one SDS and one template can be translated into 26 languages and adapted to each country in one click!
  • Integration of the Euphrac catalog as well as other official sources into the software
  • You can create your own personalized sentences with their translation and re-use them in your SDSs
  • All toxicological effects criteria appear in English and French

Entry and auto-fill

  • Smart auto-fill: automatic selection of data to display (substances, PPE, OEL, etc.), substance classification and physico-chemical data taken into account, you can exclude chapters from auto-fill, etc.
  • Precautionary statements (P phrases) are now automatically selected and ranked by the software based on the CLP classification of the product
  • Improved editing of the toxicological effects criteria (endpoints)
  • You can generate a « simplified SDS » PDF or Word document from an SDS (or simplified SDS) in the database

Legacy Data Transfer

  • Automatic re-use of all your products (composition, classification, etc...) already present in version 1 of SDS Factory
  • NB: only the Safety Data Sheets validated in version 1 of SDS Factory will appear in version 2. In other words, complete your SDSs in version 1 to see them appear in version 2!

What will become of version 1?

Transitional period between the two versions

Clients of version 1 of SDS Factory can access:

  • version 1 until 31 December 2017
  • version 2 from 20 September 2017

How to connect to version 2?

All you need to do is use the same login and password as for version 1. Version 2 is available here!

>> Ready… Get set… Click and generate your SDS! <<

You want to learn how to use SDS Factory version 2?


For a free training session on version 2 of SDS Factory, do not hesitate to contact our expert Fang Zhou by phone on +33 (0)1 83 64 20 54 for Europe or by sending an email at [email protected].

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