On December 8th, EcoMundo will offer a webinar on the REACH 2018 deadline for Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME), Canada’s largest trade and industry association.

REACH 2018: EcoMundo participera aux séminaires Export IQ de la M.E.C

CME, on its educational platform Export IQ, which aims at allowing Canadian companies to develop their export knowledge, minimizing their risks and profit maximization, will be holding a series of webinars, conference calls and workshops covering the latest developments in international markets.

Marie Roussel, Director of EcoMundo’s North American Operations, will be taking part in this event and hold a free webinar. This online conference will deal with the European REACH Regulation for the registration of chemicals and the European CLP Regulation for the classification, labeling and packaging of chemical products, including their impact on the format of the EU Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

This webinar aims at providing the necessary knowledge on the several obligations laid out by the REACH and CLP Regulations, and disclosed in the Safety Data Sheets (SDS), to non-EU manufacturers of chemicals raw materials and finished products wishing to export chemical-related products to Europe (through Only Representatives, for example).

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Click here to find the program of all upcoming events with CME’s Export IQ.



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