Pitch, Coal tar is part of the substances that have been recently included to the Annex XIV of REACH. This inclusion has strong impacts on several industrial sectors such as aeronautics. EcoMundo's experts will give you an overview of the situation during a webinar that will be hosted at the beginning of July 2017. The issues and challenges related to the Pitch, Coal tar, its specificities and the keys to success for an Authorisation application under REACH will be covered during this web-conference. It is still time to reserve your spot!

[Webinar] L’Autorisation REACH pour le Pitch, coal tar : enjeux, spécificités et facteurs de succès

"REACH Authorisation for pitch, coal tar: issues, specificities and keys to success ": why should you attend to the webinar?

With a dozen dossiers submitted to ECHA, covering about 20 uses and 20 legal entities, EcoMundo is a key actor of Applications for Authorisation under REAch in Europe. This expertise is recognized by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA): all the dossiers submitted since 2015 have been recommended the requested review periods, including those with 12-year durations.

We are pleased to announce a new webinar during which EcoMundo’s experts will share their experience of Authorisation. This webinar will be dedicated to the Pitch, coal tar, high temp. substance. Several industrial sectors and applications are concerned by the use of pitch, coal tar and its intrinsic hazard properties will make for very specific applications for Authorisation.

Objectives of the webinar

The following points will be covered during the presentation:

  • What are the issues associated with Pitch, coal tar?
    Intrinsic hazardous properties on human health and the environment
  • What will be the specificities of an application for Authorisation for this substance?
    Authorisation route, assessment methodologies, key issues
  • What are the main keys to success to an application for Authorisation?
    Data collection, methods, resources

EcoMundo’s experts will share their first-hand experience of the REACh Authorisation process and highlight critical elements for the case of pitch, coal tar.

Who will host this webinar?


The conference will be held by Rémi Escola and Lucie Echaniz, REACH Authorisation and substance securing consultants at EcoMundo. Engineer, Rémi graduated from Mines ParisTech. He has 6 years of experience in helping industrial companies with their environmental approaches. At EcoMundo, Rémi is more specifically in charge of the Analysis of Alternatives of REACH Authorisation dossiers.


Graduate from Sciences Po, with Honours in international economy and a master in environmental engineering, Lucie has 6 years of experience in developing and implementing environmental strategies. At EcoMundo, Lucie is in charge of the Socio-Economic Analysis of Authorisation dossiers.

How to attend the webinar?

Tuesday July 4th 2017
11 AM
Thursday July 6th 2017
11 AM

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