Pierre Garçon, EcoMundo’s CEO, attended this week a French and Chinese summit on cosmetic cultures and brands, in Paris.


The French and Chinese cosmetics summit

The meeting

The French and Chinese summit on cosmetic cultures and brands took place on Tuesday 15th October in Paris, at the Hôtel Meurice. On this occasion, representatives from the Chinese cosmetic industry were present, as well as from the Chinese government, French political figures and stakeholders from the French cosmetic industry.

The day was divided into two parts: a conference about the Chinese market in the morning, followed by a conference on French R&D in the afternoon. The main themes were the different trends in each market, and evolutions in terms of regulations and certifications, in both countries.

The round table “Role and influence of regulatory experts”

chinese summit

Christophe Masson’s intervention, CEO - Cosmetic Valley

EcoMundo’s CEO joined a round table on the role and influence of regulatory experts in adjusting cosmetic regulations at national levels. At this round table, a host supervised discussions between three French regulatory experts and three Chinese ones. Pierre Garçon exchanged on the subject with different experts:

  • Two Chinese supervisors in charge of relationships between cosmetic industrialists, distributors and Chinese authorities,
  • Tendril Inquiry’s regulatory expert (Chinese customised cosmetics company),
  • ALPOL’s regulatory expert, Laure Savreux,
  • LVMH’s regulatory affairs officer, Anne Laissus-Leclerc.

The Chinese cosmetics market

China represents a huge potential for French cosmetic brands. It is a promising market where foreign brands represent 80% of gross sales. The Chinese cosmetics market is the second largest worldwide.

However, cosmetic regulations - especially for imported cosmetics - are a great deal different from European regulations. Animal testing rules in particular are worth mentioning, but there are many others. To sell cosmetics in China, it is also necessary to have an on-site agent or importer.

EcoMundo guides clients from all over the world in their European and worldwide cosmetic compliance. Our CEO was thrilled to be a part of this event whose objective was to bring the French and Chinese cosmetic industries closer and place regulatory affairs at the centre of the sector’s concerns.

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