EcoMundo went to Brazil to present the European cosmetics regulation

As part of a seminar, EcoMundo introduced this Tuesday, 6th August 2019, the European cosmetics regulation to various Brazilian companies. Within the French Consulate in São Paulo, our experts pre...

08 August 2019 | EVENT
EcoMundo partenaire du concours de parfumerie Corpo35 pour la 3ème année consécutive

EcoMundo partner of the Corpo35 Perfume contest for the 3rd consecutive year

This past Thursday 20th June, the award ceremony for the perfumer competition took place in Firmenich's Parisian office, in...

26 June 2019 | NEWS
EcoMundo et Beauty Cluster Barcelona : conférence sur l’exportation des cosmétiques en Asie

EcoMundo and Beauty Cluster Barcelona: exporting cosmetics to Asia

Last Tuesday, 11th June 2019, EcoMundo’s experts were in Barcelona to speak at a conference organised by Beauty Cluster Barcelona. The programme included registering cosmetics in Asia, in particu...

13 June 2019 | NEWS
EcoMundo anime un atelier spécial réglementations cosmétiques

EcoMundo hosts a workshop dedicated to cosmetic regulations

You are interested in cosmetic regulations and have nothing planned for Thursday 4th April 2019? EcoMundo welcomes you in Quebec for a workshop dedicated to cosmetics. The programme includes presen...

26 February 2019 | NEWS
EcoMundo présent à la 16ème édition du Congrès de Chartres

EcoMundo attends the 16th edition of the Chartres Congress

The 16th edition of the Perfumes & Cosmetics Congress of the Cosmetic Valley took place on 14th and 15th November, in Chartres. Flagship event for the p...

28 November 2018 | NEWS
EcoMundo de nouveau nominé pour les Awards du salon COSMETIC 360 !

EcoMundo is once again nominated for the COSMETIC 360 Awards!

Last 17th-18th October, we exposed at the COSMETIC 360 fair that took place at the Carrousel du Louvre. This year, we presented the international aspect of our software module “Formula Check” t...

05 November 2018 | NEWS
Cosmétiques & OTC : EcoMundo anime un séminaire à Barcelone

Cosmetics & OTCs: EcoMundo hosts a seminar in Barcelona

Last Thursday 11th October, EcoMundo was in Barcelona, Spain in order to host a seminar in partnership with the Beauty Cluster Barcelona (BCB). Theme of the day: how to export cosmetic products and...

18 October 2018 | NEWS
Les nouveautés de votre logiciel COSMETIC Factory !

What’s new in your COSMETIC Factory software

The COSMETIC Factory software developed by EcoMundo is the reference tool to bring your cosmetic products into compliance before placing them on the market. Today, discover the latest developments ...

24 July 2018 | NEWS
EcoMundo signe un Mémorandum d'Entente avec le géant coréen Cosmax

EcoMundo signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Korean giant Cosmax

On Wednesday June 20th, EcoMundo met with the vice-President of Cosmax, one of the most important players of the cosmetics market in Korea. On this occa...

17 July 2018 | NEWS