Corpo35 Perfume Awards is a French perfume contest, open to all perfumers, professionals as well as students, from all nationalities. Aiming at promoting independent, niche and creative perfumes, here are the origins of the contest.


Promoting creation

Corpo35 Perfume Awards was born from the ambition of two players: the Maison de Parfum Berry and the perfumery 35 Rue Damiette. These two entities, managed by Cécile Vialla and Charles Berry, look for rare, exceptional fragrances, and realised that the market is dominated by “large players”.

These players leave very little space for niche perfumes, for originality. They also monopolise a large share of raw materials which sometimes prevent smaller players to express their creativity.

Corpo35 was thus born from the search for rare fragrances, led by Cécile Vialla. Having understood that big players dominated the market, Corpo35 set as its goal to present creators with tools to give free reigns to their talents, no matter their status, their origin, their age, etc.

History of the contests - Corpo35 Perfume Awards

The Corpo35 Perfume Awards contest began in 2017. Increasingly well known, the contest has received as much as 135 applications for the same edition. Each year, the Awards are sponsored by a prestigious name and a specific theme is given to the entrants. In 2017, for the first edition, Natural Inspirations were put in the spotlight, with IFF - International Flavors & Fragrances, a leading company in the aroma and fragrance industry - as a sponsor.

In 2018, the Marine and the Rouen Armada were to inspire the candidates, with the support of Robertet, world leader for natural raw materials.

Finally, last year, in 2019, it was the prestigious company Firmenich, the world largest privately-owned fragrance and flavor company. The provided raw materials were related to the Rose and Impressionism theme.

For the 2020 edition, our candidates are sponsored by Grasse Expertise, and will work on the inspiring theme of the Emblematic flowers of the Grasse region.

Each year, the candidates redouble their efforts and creativity to present exceptional perfumes, out of the ordinary and of the olfactive consensus established by the industry. For these reasons, EcoMundo is proud to be a partner of this innovating project since its creation by making the laureates’ Product Information Files and by making COSMETIC Factory and its perfume formulation module available for all candidates.

Wish to know more about the perfume industry?

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