This past Thursday 20th June, the award ceremony for the perfumer competition took place in Firmenich's Parisian office, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. EcoMundo is proud to present the winners of this year’s edition, whose theme was Rose and Impressionism.

EcoMundo partenaire du concours de parfumerie Corpo35 pour la 3ème année consécutive

Corpo35 Academy, an international perfume competition

Corpo35 aims – since its foundation – at spreading the culture of perfume. Through this competition, Corpo35 Academy gathers 35 perfumers, French and international, often students, and provides them with the opportunity to create a perfume in real life conditions.

This 2019 edition, named Firmenich Edition, after the perfume company sponsoring the competition, had for theme rose and impressionism. As a result, the compulsory ingredient for this year was the rose centifolia, with which all candidates had to compose.

EcoMundo and the perfume industry

Ecomundo’s COSMETIC Factory software, partner of the competition since 2017, is the platform on which all candidates register their formulas, their Safety Data Sheets, and the progress they make in their formulation. The software acts as a basis for the rules of the competition and to its smooth running.

For the winners, EcoMundo then proceeds to the full realisation of their PIF, or Product Information File, necessary to the marketing of cosmetic products – and thus, perfumes – on the European market.

COSMETIC Factory is a software conceived and developed by EcoMundo. This tool allows companies to computerise the creation of their PIF and allows the marketing of cosmetic products in Europe, in particular.

It also enables the validation of formulas, the management of raw materials, and the access to a toxicological database of more than 3 000 ingredients, as well as labelling recommendations.

Corpo35 2019 winners

The 2019 Edition of Corpo35 Academy revealed some very promising new noses. This year’s 5 laureates, Baptiste Humeau, Fanny Ginolin, Mouna Chanaoui, Valentin Navet and Saif Parvez, have each presented beautiful compositions to the jury.

EcoMundo and its president, Pierre Garçon – present at the ceremony – wish all the best to all these new actors in the perfume industry, and a lot of success in the pursuit of their projects.

Photo credit: Studios Numériques

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