An Authorisation dossier may take up to 2 years to find an outcome: how to anticipate the 2021 deadline and get an addional period of use?  EcoMundo's experts will give you an overview of the situation and give you the keys to a successful authorization dossier. Sign up for the webinar!

[Webinar - Autorisation REACH] Trioxyde de Chrome : quelle stratégie pour bénéficier d’un délai d’utilisation supplémentaire au-delà de 2021 ?

In 2016, CTAC submitted an Authorisation dossier to ECHA in order to safeguard the continuity of Chromium Trioxide use for 6 different uses beyond 21st Septembre 2017.

Pending the Commission's decision, ECHA recommended an additional period of use of only 4 years additionnal period of use for 2 of the uses : decorative chrome plating and surface treatment covering a broad range of industry sectors.

Without a new deadline, hundreds of downstream users of Chromium Trioxide will have to stop using this substance in 2021.

How to anticipate the 2021 deadline and get an additonal period of use? 


  • Overview
  • Feedback and main conclusions from previous CTAC dossiers
  • What are the stakes for downstream users who have only obtained a 4-years additionnal period of use?
  • What strategies to adopt so as to file a renewal dossier?
  • How to renew your Authorisation request?

Webinar duration: 20 minutes of presentation + 10-15min of Q/A



Béatrice Zaremba, Authorisation REACh & Public affairs consultant - Former environmental lawyer, Béatrice brings her legal experience and knowledge of the European institutional wheels thanks to her career in the European Parliament and the European Commission's Directorate General Environment.


Souleymane Gaye, Authorisation REACh & Public affairs consultant - Souleymane has extensive experience as a consultant in strategic analysis in the field of economic intelligence. He brings his expertise on socio-economic analysis and focuses on regulatory issues related to REACH and Authorisation.

How to attend the webinar?

Tuesday, 20th November 2018
9:30am (GMT+1) > 10am (GMT +1)
Webinar in French
Thursday, 22nd November 2018
9:30am (GMT +1) > 10am (GMT +1)
Webinar in English

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