CLP Check is the first free online application that enables to check CLP compliance.

Lancement de l’application en ligne CLP Check

Big news at EcoMundos: last week we launched an expert tool designed for SMEs to allow them checking the CLP compliance of their chemical mixtures. The application is online and for free!

Called CLP Check, it is built on a CLP calculation engine that is part of our software: SDS Factory. CLP Check automatically calculates hazard classification for chemical mixtures according to the official rules in Annex I of the CLP European regulation.

This application is designed for any industrials working with chemicals that are affected by Classification, Labeling and Packaging of chemical products (CLP).


Classification is calculated from mixtures components and hazard statements indicated by users. The calculation engine delivers mixture classification, its categories and hazard statements and information concerning classification method as well.

What for?

Thanks to this application, we wanted to facilitate CLP formality transition that is to take place on June 1st this year. This regulatory deadline requires manufacturers, importers and chemical product users to take measures especially concerning Safety Data Sheet, labeling and packaging products.

True to our values, we make available this application designed for any industrials for free so that they have access to an expert online tool that helps them to be compliant.



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