This Tuesday, EcoMundo hosted a webinar in partnership with TraceOne office concerning CLP regulation. It is reminded that the deadline is by the end of June 2015.

Webinaire CLP chez EcoMundo

Place of honor for CLP regulation issues

Dr. Aurélie Lemétais, EcoMundo’s regulatory project manager, has presented a webinar on Tuesday, 8th organised by Trace One. About thirty attendees participated in CLP regulation stakes and challenges webinar. After having presented regulation subtleties, particularly labeling, attendees asked their questions to the expert.

CLP: updates

Webinar, described as “very interesting” and “captivating” by attendees, delt with the following features:

  • Classification elements & codes
  • Classification rules
  • Labeling and packaging rules
  • Roles in the Supply Chain
  • CLP deadlines
  • Communication of CLP information in Safety Data Sheets

Every Webinars recorded so far, shall be soon posted on EcoMundo’s website and lots more to come.

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