Environmental and regulatory diagnosis of insulating material


  • To identify the substances in existing materials used by Schneider Electric that represent a significant risk for human health and/or environment. This identification is conducted on existing materials as well as on potential material alternatives considered by the Research & Development Department
  • To assess the regulatory risk linked to these hazardous substances depending on their toxicologic level of hazard
  • To implement a relevant strategy of substitution based on the estimated inclusion delays in a regulatory list


  • Material analysis and decomposition into chemical substances
  • Toxicological study of the identified substances and attribution of a level of hazard based on the SVHC criteria
  • Regulatory anticipation: estimation of the delay of inclusion in the REACH regulatory lists (Candidate list, Annex XIV, Annex XVII, etc.) for the most hazardous substances
  • Synthesis and support to decision in order to guide Schneider Electric's strategy of choosing innovative materials

The project in a few key figures

  • Client: Schneider Electric
  • Business sector: Energy and automatisms
  • Country of operation: present in over 100 countries
  • Date: 2014-2015
  • Volume: over 200 substances studied