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Logo Nexter

Securing the use of substances subject to Authorisation

In its industrial activities, Nexter uses chromium trioxide for various surface treatment applications required for the operational maintenance of defense equipment. EcoMundo assisted Nexter thoughout the entire REACH Authorisation process for the strategic use of substances in various applications for defense.


Logo Eurenco

Securing the use of substances subject to Authorisation

Dichloroethane is a strategic substance for EURENCO’s activity as well as for its downstream user clients implementing it in defence equipment production. As this substance was included in Annexe XIV of the REACH regulation in August 2014, EURENCO mandated EcoMundo to assist in producing and defending a REACH Authorisation dossier before the European Chemicals Agency.


Logo Hager Group

Track hazardous substances throughout Supply Chain

Hager Group mandated EcoMundo to assist them in their regulatory compliance objectives regarding hazardous substances traceability within articles as imposed by REACH regulation and RoHS directive.


Logo Chimirec

Automated creation and expert editorial of Safety Data Sheets

CHIMIREC PPM company, a subsidiary of the CHIMIRECgroup, mandated EcoMundo in 2013 to provide SDS Factory software.
This tool enables the assisted creation of Safety Data Sheets for different products managed by CHIMIREC and facilitates SDS portfolio management.


Logo Ville de Paris

Simplified management of the Safety Data Sheets portfolio and making them available

The City of Paris mandated EcoMundo to provide the SDS Factory web software.
This tool manages the entire product portfolio of the City of Paris and their associated SDS as well as makes them available to users on-site.


Logo Schneider

Environmental and regulatory diagnosis of insulating materials

The French energy management giant Schneider Electric mandated EcoMundo in 2014 for a toxicological and regulatory diagnosis on insulating materials.
This study's aim is to identify the dangerous substances in order to predict their regulatory obsolescence and adopt a specific action plan.


Logo Plastic Omnium

Managing a proactive replacement policy for hazardous substances

The worldwide No 1 for waste management and containerization Plastic Omnium called on EcoMundo since 2008 to accompany its proactive replacement policy for hazardous substances
It is through a better regulatory knowledge of the numerous substances within its portfolio that Plastic Omnium is able to identify the ones to replace.