Managing a proactive replacement policy for hazardous substances


  • Identify the potential hazardous substances in Plastic Omnium’s materials in order to engage in a substitution policy of the SVHC and CMR substances
  • Implement a regulatory watch on the overall substance portfolio so as to anticipate the regulatory restrictions or prohibitions
  • Disseminate the information on site by optimizing the provision of the Material Safety Data Sheets


  • Implementation of the MAT Factory software platform to perform an automated regulatory watch with custom alerts
  • Identification of the potential hazardous substances which are impacted by the regulation, and anticipation of the substances’ obsolescence
  • Reporting on the substances and strategic decision-making support
  • Implementation of the SDS Factory software platform (coupled with MAT Factory) to optimize the onsite dissemination of the Material Safety Data Sheets

Le projet en quelques données-clés

  • Client: Plastic Omnium
  • Secteur: automotive and waste containerization sector
  • Pays d'implantation: ppresent in more than 30 countries
  • Date: 2008 – 2016 years
  • Volume: several thousands of portfolio products