Securing the use of substances subject to Authorisation


  • To produce a Chemical Safety Report with the description of the process, the exposure assessment and the levels of risk associated with the use of 1,2-Dichloroethane (EDC)
  • To analyse the alternatives to demonstrate the unfeasibility of a substitution of EDC and to describe alternative solutions
  • To analyse the cost/benefit associated to the continued use or not of the EDC substance


  • Data collection on the various activities of the company relating to the process and associated risks, economic and financial challenges, the industrial and strategic situation, etc.
  • Modelling and calculations of the exposure assessment, the risk characterisation and the socio economic challenges
  • Support of the dossier before the authorities prior to (Pre-Submission Information Session, PSIS), during (via REACH-IT) and after the submission (Broad Information on Use, Trialogue, etc.)

The project in a few key figures

  • Client: Eurenco
  • Sector: Defence
  • Establishment country: Europe and the United States
  • Date: 2015-2016