On 16th July 2019, ECHA updated the Candidate List of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern). Updated every 6 months by the European Chemicals Agency, 4 new substances have now been added to the list.

L’ECHA ajoute 4 nouvelles substances à la Liste Candidate

Substances included in July 2019

4 new substances were included to the Candidate List and are now considered as SVHCs, or Substances of Very High Concern. The Candidate List is now composed of 201 SVHCs. They are as follow:

Substance name EC number CAS number Reason for inclusion Examples of use(s)
2-methoxyethyl acetate 203-772-9 110-49-6 Toxic for reproduction (Article 57 (c)) Not registered under REACH.
Tris(4-nonylphenyl, branched and linear) phosphite (TNPP) with ≥ 0.1% w/w of 4-nonylphenol, branched and linear (4-NP) - - Endocrine disrupting properties (Article 57(f) – environment) Primarily used as an antioxidant to stabilise polymers.
2,3,3,3-tetrafluoro-2-(heptafluoropropoxy)propionic acid, its salts and its acyl halides (covering any of their individual isomers and combinations thereof) - - Equivalent level of concern having probable serious effects to the environment (Article 57(f) - environment)
Equivalent level of concern having probable serious effects to human health (Article 57(f) – human health)
Processing aid in the production of fluorinated polymers.
4-tert-butylphenol 202-679-0 98-54-4 Endocrine disrupting properties (Article 57(f) – environment) Used in coating products, polymers, adhesives, sealants and for the synthesis of other substances.

What is the Candidate List?

The Candidate List identifies substances which are candidate to an inclusion in Annex XIV of REACH (substances subjected to an Authorisation). These substances are SVHCs, meaning substances of very high concern. The list now contains 201 substances. The criteria for categorising a substance as SVHC are diverse. Three main groups can be listed:

  • CMR substances: carcinogenic, mutagenic, or toxic for reproduction,
  • PBT substances: persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic ; or vPvB: very persistent and very bioaccumulative,
  • Substances, on a case-by-case basis, causing a level of concern equivalent to that of the two previous categories.

This list is updated every 6 months. The next change will take place in January 2020.

Wish to know more more on SVHC substances?

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our expert Christian Freneuil by phone: +33 1 83 64 20 54 for Europe or +1 (778) 234 1607 for North America or even by mail at [email protected].


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