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European cosmetics regulation: sold-out seminar in Korea!

On Wednesday 21 February, Ecomundo was in Seoul, Korea, to host a seminar in partnership with the Korea Cosmetic Association (KCA). The theme: how to comply with European cosmetic regulations. More than 130 participants were present.


Cosmetics in Korea: a flourishing market

Korea is one of the 10 largest markets in the world with 3% annual growth. Koreans consume the most cosmetics per capita and the number of companies in the cosmetics sector is very high. Moreover, they are all at the forefront of technology and have incessant inventiveness. Highly innovative, Korean companies mostly operate in Asia and the United States but they are starting to turn more and more towards Europe.

Ecomundo’s seminar: the keys to comply with European cosmetics regulations

Pierre Garçon, President and founder of EcoMundo, and Sylvain De Backer, cosmetic expert, had the pleasure to present the main steps of cosmetic compliance for the European market. Two interpreters were also present to carry out an instant translation in Korean facilitating the exchanges between the participants and the speakers.

The seminar was divided into three sections:

  • Introduction to the regulations and the concept of Responsible Person (RP).
  • The regulatory part, focusing on claims, formulas, labelling, etc.
  • The toxicological part; with the necessary data, tests to carry out, safety assessment etc.

Although there was a large number of attendees (a demand exceeding the capacity of the hall led to a premature closure of registrations), our experts had an extremely receptive audience. Many questions and discussions came up throughout the three sections of the seminar. Attendees were specifically interested in the concept of Responsible Person.

Among the attendees, international brands such as: Amore Pacific, Skinfood, Nature Republic or LG. At the end of the seminar, Ecomundo gave each participant a complete technical guide on how to place a cosmetic product on the European market and the "Pocket Cosmet’", a practical guide on the cosmetics regulation, translated into Korean for the occasion.

This seminar was organised in partnership with Korea Cosmetic Association (KCA). Learn more

You wish to learn more about the cosmetic industry?

For more information on EcoMundo's services and software for your cosmetic products compliance, contact our expert Sylvain De Backer by phone at +33 1 83 64 20 54 for Europe and at + 1 (778) 231-1607 for North America, or send him an email at [email protected]

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