The LIFE AskREACH Project launched a few weeks ago the app on which its teams had been focused. It is an app enabling consumers to easily invoke their right to request manufacturers if their articles contains more than 0.1% of SVHCs.


Scan4Chem - an app launched by LIFE AskREACH

The Scan4Chem app was launched a few weeks ago by the LIFE AskREACH project. The latter is supported by various governmental institutions, research institutes, and non-governmental organisations from 13 different countries.

The free app aims at making it easier for consumers to check whether or not the articles they buy contain SVHCs at a concentration exceeding 0.1% (for example clothing, toys, sports equipment, etc.).

Consumers only need to download the app, scan their product’s barcode, then check whether or not it has more than 0.1% of SVHCs. If the product is not already in the app’s database, consumers will easily and automatically be able to send a request for information to companies, who are then required to answer within 45 days (Article 33 of REACH Regulation). The product and its information are then added to the database.

The idea is therefore to create a complete SVHC database at the European level thanks to consumers’ willingness to know the substances of very high concern contained in the articles they buy.

Implications for companies

Manufacturers still have 45 days to answer the consumers’ requests. However, as the app becomes more and more popular, they will have more and more requests to process.

The easy way is to have a perfect traceability of SVHCs along the supply chain, and to communicate to LIFE AskREACH’s database the information prior to receiving a request in order not to have to deal with individual requests.

EcoMundo offers a solution for this with its SVHC Factory software and its specialists’ expertise.

Wish to know more about SVHCs and LIFE AskREACH?

For more information, do not hesitate to contact Christian Freneuil or one of our experts by phone: +33 1 83 64 20 54 for Europe or +1 (778) 234 1607 for North America or to contact them via our our contact form, selecting "Substance traceability" as the purpose of your inquiry.

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