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Upstream applications for CrVI: what’s next? EcoMundo clears things up

In the current context, upstream authorisation dossiers for hexavalent chromium are uncertain. To help you understand as best as possible, EcoMundo’s experts share their point of view.

19 November 2019 | EXPERT ADVICE

Authorisations granted for 3 substances

The European Commission granted authorisations for six uses of three different substances. Here is the explanation.

13 November 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

ECHA recommends the inclusion of 18 substances to REACH Annex XIV

ECHA published at the beginning of the month its ninth recommendation for inclusion to the Authorisation list. 18 substances are now being recommended by the Agency for an inclusion to Annex XIV of...

21 October 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Nouveau report du vote de la décision CTAC

CTAC decision postponed again

The European Commission confirmed that they would not vote on the CTAC decision in July. The vote, which should have taken place on 9th and 10th July during the REACH Committee of the European Comm...

01 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Durées d’Autorisation pour les downstream users : les réponses de l’ECHA

Review period for downstream user Authorisations: ECHA’s answers

ECHA provided details on applications for authorisations submitted by downstream users already covered by an upstream application. These specificities follow a request from EcoMundo’s experts reg...

20 June 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
UK REACH & Autorisations

UK REACH & Authorisations

#Brexit4You: To better guide you, EcoMundo closely monitors the regulatory evolutions related to Brexit. We deliver, on top of current affairs, our advice in order for you to b...

03 April 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Projet d'inclusion de 12 nouvelles substances dans l'Annexe XIV

Inclusion project: 12 new substances might be added to Annex XIV

The European Commission has made public a draft regulation aiming at adding 12 new substances to REACH’s Annex XIV. EcoMundo informs and helps you anticipate new regulatory changes.

14 March 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Les 4 piliers d'une demande d'Autorisation REACH réussie

The 4 mainstays of a successful REACH Authorisation request

After nearly a dozen dossiers submitted to ECHA, EcoMundo has accumulated a huge know-how in Authorisation ...

25 April 2018 | EXPERT ADVICE
Autorisation REACH : 4 enseignements clés pour réussir son Analyse des Alternatives

REACH Authorisation: 4 key aspects to a successful Analysis of Alternatives

The REACH regulation allows companies to ask for an authorisation in order to be...

13 March 2018 | EXPERT ADVICE