This Friday 10th January 2020, IFRA published the much-anticipated 49th amendments to its standards. EcoMundo sums up the major changes and deadlines brought about by this amendment.


What changes will IFRA’s 49th amendment bring?

Awaited for some time, IFRA, the International Fragrance Association, published this Friday 10th January the 49th Amendment to its standards. 25 new standards were added, bringing the number of covered substances to 214. Some existing standards were also altered (around a hundred).


A new essential element of this amendment is the integration of a revised methodology for quantitative risk assessment, called QRA 2. It was elaborated over several years by a pluridisciplinary group of experts.

Aggregated exposure

For a series of effects on health, the new Standards will look at “aggregated exposure”: meaning the way different products are used together.

Product categories

The new Standards increase the number of categories from 11 to 12 and add some new subcategories, too. These categories allow to be more precise and targeted when restricting the use of some ingredients in specific products.

Background and deadlines

IFRA, through its code of good practices, pursues a global self-regulation programme: strong>all members must comply with it. The elaboration of IFRA standards goes through IFRA (International Fragrance Association), RIFM (Research Institute for Fragrance Material) and its Expert Panel. IFRA members have until 10th February 2021 to comply with the new Standards for new fragrance creations and until 10th February 2022 for existing creations.

EcoMundo helps you comply with these changes thanks to our experts’ experience in the field and to our software COSMETIC Factory.

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