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EcoMundo, award winner at the Cosmetic 360 trade fair

Last 18-19 October, EcoMundo exhibited at the prestigious Cosmetic 360 trade fair at Carrousel du Louvre, to present to actors of the cosmetics industry its latest software innovation: the Formula Check module. In addition to the many exciting encounters that took place, EcoMundo’s teams were honoured to be chosen by the jury of Cosmetic Valley for the "Cosmetic 360 Award" in the "Support function for cosmetic industry category"! Discover the highlights of this amazing event.

Formula Check: a revolutionary concept warmly welcomed by the industry

Internationally check the compliance of formulas at a glance with Formula Check

The concept of Formula Check is simple: you enter your cosmetic formula into the software, launch the regulatory check, and see at a glance in which geographical area you can sell your formula or not.

Formula Check has a dashboard, indicating which ingredients are making the formula non-compliant and explaining which point in the regulation is not fulfilled (if the ingredient is present in the formula above the regulatory concentration threshold, restricted, etc.).

Formula Check is currently available for Europe and China. EcoMundo’s IT teams are actively working to integrate the cosmetics regulations for the USA and Canada.

A module for the COSMETIC Factory software

Formula Check is included in the COSMETIC Factory software, also presented by EcoMundo at Cosmetic 360 trade show. COSMETIC Factory allows to automate the Cosmetic Product Information File (PIF) and has been marketed by EcoMundo for almost two years now.

Very positive reactions from professionals encountered during the trade fair

The innovative feature of instant regulatory check in Formula Check turned out through the reactions of the different encounters met during the trade show, to be ideal for R&D departments. In fact, this ultra-fast check enables to instantly readjust the ingredients in the formula, which make it outside the regulatory restrictions of the area concerned, during the formulation of the product.

Many software demos were performed on EcoMundo’s stand T16, and the positive feedback delivered by industry professionals was heart-warming.

Here is a photo of the totem presenting the stand for EcoMundo and its innovative software in the "Support function for cosmetic industry" category.

The Cosmetic 360 Award and its prestigious jury

A great acknowledgment from the profession

Every year, the Cosmetic 360 trade show awards the best innovations of the cosmetics industry in 5 categories:

  • Raw materials
  • Formulation & Manufacturing
  • Packaging & Conditioning
  • Testing & Analysis
  • Support function for cosmetic industry

The jury from each category selected amongst a little more than 200 exhibitors the 5 award-winners.

This year, EcoMundo was honoured to be awarded the « Support function for cosmetic industry » award, by Jean-Luc Ansel, Founder Chief Executive of Cosmetic Valley, of which EcoMundo has been a member for years (below, photo of Jean-Luc Ansel, and Pierre Garçon, president of EcoMundo).

This choice is a great acknowledgement from the profession of EcoMundo’s work on cosmetic regulatory innovation. It confirms the popularity in the cosmetics industry of software like COSMETIC Factory and its new module Formula Check, and forecasts a promising future when it come to the market’s growing interest for such tools.

An awards ceremony in the limelight

The awards ceremony took place on a little stage in the Start-up Zone of the trade show. The different members of the jury were, one after the other, invited on stage with the 5 award-winners. Among the jury were members from prestigious newspapers such as Expression cosmétique, Marie-Claire France, Industries Cosmétiques

Pierre Garçon, in the picture, had the chance to present EcoMundo’s project to recreate through software an "intelligent and available 24/7 toxicologist" to help all the actors of the cosmetics industry with the regulatory process required to place products on the market.

After a short and enthusiastic conclusion from Marc-Antoine Jamet, president of Cosmetic Valley, the award-winners gathered on stage with their trophies (see picture below).

Were present on stage with our president Pierre Garçon: Ariane Divetain, regulatory toxicologist, Agnès Augier, regulatory expert and Adrien Ferrand, developer of COSMETIC Factory.

You wish to learn more about EcoMundo's cosmetic services and software?

For more information on EcoMundo's services and software for your cosmetic products compliance, contact our expert Sylvain De Backer by phone at +33 1 83 64 20 54 for Europe and at + 1 (778) 231-1607 for North America, or send him an email at [email protected].

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