#Brexit4You: To better guide you, EcoMundo closely monitors the regulatory evolutions related to Brexit. We deliver, on top of current affairs, our advice in order for you to be able to anticipate Brexit and its consequences on your compliance. With Boris Johnson becoming the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister on 24th July, a no-deal Brexit becomes more and more probable. The British chemical sector, through the Chemical Industries Association, addressed the new government insisting on the unfeasibility of a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit : L’industrie chimique britannique s’adresse au Premier ministre

Prime Minister urged to avoid a no-deal Brexit

Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on 24th July. He announced immediately afterwards that the United Kingdom would leave the European Union on 31st October at the latest, with or without an agreement. This strong statement brings a lot of concern to those who fear and wish to find an alternative to a “hard” Brexit.

The UK’s Chemical Industries Association published a press release on 23rd July, congratulating Boris Johnson his election at the leadership of the Conservative party. In it, the association strongly insists on the necessity for him to do everything in his power to avoid a no-deal Brexit on 31st October.

They also state that the chemical sector’s priority in Europe remains “frictionless tariff free trade, regulatory consistencyand access to skilled people”.

The risk of no-deal Brexit

With the appointment of Boris Johnson at the head of the country, a no-deal Brexit is more likely than ever. Such an eventuality would have negative consequences on the European Union as well as on the United Kingdom.

The chemical sector is especially impacted because, with Brexit, REACH will cease to apply to the UK. To address the problem, ECHA opened a REACH IT “Brexit window” so that British companies are able to transfer their registrations to European entities.

EcoMundo, as Only Representative (OR), may take on your legal requirements under REACH and guide you through the changes brought about by Brexit.

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