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The different types of biocidal MAs

The regulation n°528/2012 on biocidal products aims at improving the functioning of the market of biocidal products within the European Union, while guaranteeing a high level of protection of the human health and the environment. Thus, all biocidal products destined to be put on the market require an authorisation and the active substances they contain have to be approved beforehand. There are 3 big families of authorisations (transitory, provisional and long-term). EcoMundo details the different types of “long-term” marketing authorisations. Read more...

Progress on the assessment of biocidal active substances by the BPC

The Biocidal Product Committee working group enables to anticipate the opinions that will be published on the assessment of active substance/ biocidal product type (AS/PT) combinations. The planning for the submissions of product authorisation dossiers is therefore established. The agenda of the BPC published on ECHA’s website presents different substances to assess for the years 2017 and 2018. These assessments will be validated during the plenary sessions, at the dates defined for each active substance.


EU Regulations: which one affects my products?

It can be tricky to identify the Regulation that impacts the products you place on the EU market, especially if you’re not familiar with the wide array of EU regulations. The European Union has strengthened the safety of consumers but also of workers by implementing various Regulations either related to chemical substances or to finished products. Follow the guide to better understand which products are covered by which Regulation.