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medical devices

Medical devices: will you need to notify them again?

In May 2020, the new European regulation on medical devices will start applying. With this date getting closer, manufacturers of medical devices need to get ready and face the changes to come. What...

04 December 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
parfums et cosmétiques

Cosmetic compliance: what’s new?

Our experts were at Perfumes and Cosmetics Congress in Chartres on 6th and 7th November. They had the opportunity to attend all the conferences: here is a recap of the key points relating to cosmet...

29 November 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

Are you ready for new requirements regarding nanoform registration?

Starting on 1st January 2020, companies will need to comply with new requirements regarding nanoforms. This means more information will need to be provided in registrations, are you ready?

25 November 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

Upstream applications for CrVI : what’s next? EcoMundo clears things up

In the current context, upstream authorisation dossiers for hexavalent chromium are uncertain. To help you understand as best as possible, EcoMundo’s experts share their point of view.

19 November 2019 | EXPERT ADVICE

Authorisations granted for 3 substances

The European Commission granted authorisations for six uses of three different substances. Here is the explanation.

13 November 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

Clearer rules for REACH phase-in substances

The European Commission clarified some of the dispositions that applied to phase-in substances. These dispositions will continue to apply until 31st December 2019, which means that companies have u...

05 November 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

ECHA recommends the inclusion of 18 substances to REACH Annex XIV

ECHA published at the beginning of the month its ninth recommendation for inclusion to the Authorisation list. 18 substances are now being recommended by the Agency for an inclusion to Annex XIV of...

21 October 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Plus qu’un mois avant le Brexit – où en est REACH ?

Brexit: 1 month to go - how is REACH doing?

#Brexit4You: To better guide you, EcoMundo closely monitors the regulatory evolutions related to Brexit. We deliver, on top of current affairs, our advice in order for you to be able to anticipate ...

30 September 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
L’identifiant unique de formulation et la déclaration au centre antipoison

Unique Formula Identifier and poison centre notification

With the new harmonised format for poison centre notifications, new requirements in terms of standard information emerged. They are the UFIs, or Unique Formula Identifiers. The UFI, placed on the l...

18 September 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Fabriquer des produits OTC pour les États-Unis : les cGMP

Manufacturing OTC products for the US: the cGMP

The quality of a drug product is of the utmost importance to the consumer and to the brand whose reputation relies on manufacturing safe and effective drug products. The US Food and Drug Administra...

12 September 2019 | EXPERT ADVICE