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CBD, popular ingredient in cosmetics: but is it legal?

Used ever more often in cosmetic products, cannabidiol, or CBD is a molecule which can easily lead to confusion. What do international regulations say on its use? EcoMundo helps you understand the ...

23 August 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
poison centre

A European harmonised format for poison centre notifications

Since 24th April 2019, ECHA implemented a European harmonised platform for submitting poison centre notifications. New requirements in terms of declaration, labelling and diffusion inside the suppl...

06 August 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
life ask reach

LIFE AskREACH: a European SVHC information project

LIFE AskREACH, European project, will satisfy consumers’ need for information when buying an article. Consumers will now be able to know quickly if an article has a concentration of SVHC exceedin...

31 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
boris johnson

Brexit: British Chemical industry addresses Prime Minister

#Brexit4You: To better guide you, EcoMundo closely monitors the regulatory evolutions related to Brexit. We deliver, on top of current affairs, our advice in order for you to be able to anticipate ...

26 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

ECHA added 4 substances to the Candidate List

On 16th July 2019, ECHA updated the Candidate List of SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern). Updated every 6 months by the European Chemicals Agency, 4 new substances have now been added to the l...

25 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS

ECHA to screen all Registration dossiers by 2027

On 24th June, the European Commission and ECHA launched an action plan aiming at improving the level of compliance of companies to REACH. To achieve this, the two entities will increase the number ...

24 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
France : Entrée en vigueur de l’interdiction des allégations « sans » pour les produits cosmétiques

France: coming into force of the ban on « free from » claims for cosmetic products

Last 1st July 2019, an update of the ARPP recommendations relating to cosmetics came into force in France. These new measures will partly end the “free from” claims on cosmetic products’ labe...

03 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Nouveau report du vote de la décision CTAC

CTAC decision postponed again

The European Commission confirmed that they would not vote on the CTAC decision in July. The vote, which should have taken place on 9th and 10th July during the REACH Committee of the European Comm...

01 July 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Durées d’Autorisation pour les downstream users : les réponses de l’ECHA

Review period for downstream user Authorisations: ECHA’s answers

ECHA provided details on applications for authorisations submitted by downstream users already covered by an upstream application. These specificities follow a request from EcoMundo’s experts reg...

20 June 2019 | REGULATORY NEWS
Obligations d'étiquetage cosmétique aux États-Unis

Cosmetic labelling requirements in the United States

One of the key factors in bringing a new cosmetic product to the market is ensuring that your labelling is compliant. In the United States, cosmetic labelling is regulated by the FDA under the Fede...

18 June 2019 | EXPERT ADVICE