After nearly a dozen dossiers submitted to ECHA, EcoMundo has accumulated a huge know-how in Authorisation dossier production, whether the application is individual, joint, within a consortium or through an Only Representative. As French leader in the Authorisation sector, EcoMundo offers you complete support, throughout your whole project.

Les 4 piliers d'une demande d'Autorisation REACH réussie

A few figures

EcoMundo assists companies in their regulatory compliance process. One of the key aspects of this task is the guidance in the request for REACH Authorisation. As French leader in this department, we have achieved:

  • 10 Authorisation requests submitted to ECHA
  • 20 uses covered / 20 legal entities covered
  • 100% of the requests submitted since 2015 were granted the review periods sought (including "long" ones of 12 years)

4 tips for a successful Authorisation request

Combination of expertises

The making of an Authorisation dossier is, first and foremost, a matter of team work. Our Authorisation team is composed of multidisciplinary specialists who provide for a synergy of expertises, valuable in the creation of dossiers.

Our teams are flexible and insure a dedicated unit gathering all the skills needed among its members (scientific, regulatory, technical and socio-economic expertises).


Our specialists accompany you and establish a customised dossier, at the forefront of ECHA’s requirements, offering tailored and scalable solutions adapted to your situation.

They take action to:

  • Analyse your situation
  • Recommend a "go / no go"
  • Advise the strategic route to opt for
  • Assess the necessary means

Moreover, the definition of “applied use” and “non-use” scenarios in cooperation with the client is a key aspect in the draft of a customised Authorisation dossier.


Our teams have developed a unique and robust methodology aiming at optimising the ability of Authorisation requests to obtain the review periods asked to the European bodies.

The key is to take time with our clients in order to pin down the scope of the dossier and optimise data collection. Our specialists need to be able to find a middle-ground between both their position of expert and mediator with industrials. Thus, they juggle with this dual loyalty so as to meet the clients’ needs and ensure their regulatory compliance.

Humane support

Experts at EcoMundo are available before, during and after the project.

They move around the European Union to conduct a thorough audit of the sites concerned in order to ensure the compliance of the activity, thereby anticipating checks performed by national authorities (DREAL).

Want to know more about REACH Authorisation request?


For more information on REACH Authorisation, do not hesitate to contact our expert Maryon Pailleux by phone at : +33 1 83 64 20 54 for Europe, or +1 (778) 234 1607 for North America or send her an email to [email protected]

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